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Norwegian Museum of Cultural History - Maritime Museum.

"You sending Intelligence Signals to others"!


Norwegian Museum of Cultural History - Maritime Museum.
Norwegian Museum of Cultural History - Maritime Museum, Eyvind Bagle

While working at the Kon-tiki Museum, one of my colleagues suggested that I apply to work at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History - Norwegian Maritime Museum as it offered a broader range of work opportunities. I contacted the museum's boss at that time E.B. Arranged a meeting to discuss my skills as a designer and artist.

Victor Amle, Norwegian, Maritime Museum, The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History , folkemuseum,
Bygdøy is a peninsula situated on the western side of Oslo, Norway. Administratively, Bygdøy belongs to the borough of Frogner، It has six museums

At the meeting, the boss requested that I write to him outlining how I could contribute to the museum. I promptly sent him my resume and examples of my previous work at Kon-tiki. I was subsequently hired to work in the exhibition department in Fall 2016.

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum
Norwegian Maritime Museum - Oslo

However, my experience at the Norwegian Maritime Museum was marred by my boss's unethical behavior towards me. From the outset, he exhibited strange behavior, refusing to provide me with an office space or permission to park my car in the museum's parking lot. He closely monitored my actions, scrutinizing what I printed and questioning my whereabouts when I was working on the museum's premises.

After a few weeks, it became apparent that my co-workers were bothered by this treatment, so they requested that he provide me with an office space. I was granted an office following their request. However, he still refused to set up an email address in my name for work purposes. Despite his resistance, my co-workers supported me and provided me with an email address despite his objections.

Even with the support of my colleagues, who introduced me to the museum facilities and halls and provided me with an email address, I continued to be subjected to constant surveillance by my boss. He even monitored my food intake, watching my every move.

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum
Work was very easy and fun for me, much easier than dealing with that boss!

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum
The exhibit that he thought to have sent smart signals, it was even simple exhibition, but was a big shock for him. so he asked me to not send signals that I am smarter than anyone there!

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum, Norwegian Museum of Cultural History - Maritime Museum ,  Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum, Eyvind Bagle, Tove Wefald Pedersen, Olav Skrøver Aaraas

Despite his erratic behavior, I persevered and completed many successful projects for the museum. However, the boss was unsatisfied and accused me of trying to signal that I was smarter than my colleagues. In reality, I had simply completed an exhibition in a short amount of time. I finished an exhibition in a few days. He invited me to his office, asked me to close the door behind me, and then said, 'Victor, don't give signals that you are smarter than all of us!!! Do you understand me??? You are not smarter than all of us!' He was angry and screaming like crazy!!!

I asked him, 'Has anyone complained to you about me?' He said no. Then I asked him, 'You called me to your office shivering in anger to tell me this nonsense? I thought you wanted to thank me for what I have done!'

Despite my colleagues' efforts to intervene, the boss's behavior remained unchanged. However, I continued to work diligently and even collaborated with other museums using the museum's car.

Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum, Victor Amle,

"Here I used to park my car in the area not designated for museum staff on the museum premises, or in the parking areas of other adjacent museums for months that I had collaborated with in the past. This was because, initially, the manager had refused to issue a permit, which seemed to be influenced by personal animosity or bias."

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum,

False Pride!

The museum was lagging behind in terms of art and design, and I was attempting to elevate its aesthetic and artistic standards. I was able to convince some of the employees to agree with me after showing them examples and explaining the concepts of design and art.

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History - Maritime Museum ,  Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum, Eyvind Bagle, Tove Wefald Pedersen, Olav Skrøver Aaraas , Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum, Eyvind Bagle
The museum's design process has been at this level for many years.

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum,

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum - Kon Tiki museum
The design level that I wanted to raise the museum's to.

However, there was always a sense of unwarranted pride present that stood as an obstacle to accepting the changes I was making.

"It has repeatedly been refused to improve the level of design at the museum. Despite providing studies, design projects, and solutions to enhance the museum's suites and lighting centers, they have been ignored. Dozens of paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries have already been damaged due to the lack of experience and ignorance in preserving them. Heaters were placed under the paintings like barbecues, and visitors damaged the paintings with keys and tools during visiting hours. Even the wooden frames were destroyed and cracked. This was the first study I presented to him with solutions on the third day of my work there, on October 20, 2016.

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum - Kon Tiki museum, Olav Skrøver Aaraas, Eyvind Bagle
Grill painting gallery.

I still have copies of the reports, studies, and solutions that I presented to the museum, but they were neglected due to the boss's arrogance and ignorance.

In my report, I included pictures of the problems along with examples of solutions, which I presented to the boss. However, he remained arrogant and dismissive, claiming that a private company came monthly to take care of the paintings. When I asked my colleagues about this, they said it was not true.

I confronted the boss and told him that we needed to save the paintings immediately. He responded by saying that the paintings were not important and that they would be discarded later anyway. I was appalled and reminded him that these paintings were hundreds of years old. He replied, 'Yes, we received them as gifts for free, and we will change that hall later.'

I began to doubt his intentions and asked my colleagues to request that he turn off the heaters under the paintings. He eventually complied, but by then, the paintings had already been damaged. Someone had attempted to fix them haphazardly and ignorantly, resulting in thick layers of varnish that only made the damage worse.

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum - Kon Tiki museum
Some paintings damaged by key or pencil.

Victor Amle - Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum - Kon Tiki museum
Hans Gude 1874

"Huge amounts of money were allocated to projects that were supposed to be implemented by me, but the boss would often tell me not to bother and that it was his problem. He would instruct me to leave the place and that I had to go. The man exhibited a severe and abnormal tendency towards aggression directed at me."

I have a copy of the official letter authorizing the disbursement of 48,000 Norwegian Kroner for my work on those projects. However, this was one of the factors that caused him to lose his composure and self-control, leading to unethical behavior towards me.

One of the children's projects, a children's magazine for exhibitions and their contents has been canceled too.

I continued working on several projects with my colleagues, which had already been funded and money had been spent on them. However, his unethical and aggressive behavior towards me as a foreigner had become unbearable after five months there. He went too far and crossed the line. I began to despise myself, my life, and the place I was in, to the point where I affixed a picture of an alien on my badge, making me feel like an outsider from another planet.

In the spring of 2017, the boss informed me that it was time for me to leave the museum and find another job. However, I requested that he acknowledge my accomplishments during my time there by providing me with a signed document detailing what I had achieved. He agreed and wrote a summary of my achievements, though he mentioned that he couldn't include everything in the document. This document was signed by his manager, Tove, who also agreed with his actions.

Eyvind Bagle- Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum - Kon Tiki museum, Eyvind Bugle

I started to have many doubts about the integrity of the management. Although I notified the management more than once, the matter was completely ignored. I knew I wasn't mistaken because they consistently showed their support and agreement with the boss and the way he treated me. They didn't even express any resentment or regret; on the contrary, they took a proud position.

I refused to let my boss humiliate me or stand in a weak position in front of him just because he was my boss. This drove him to frustration. I stood my ground against discrimination and rejected such inappropriate behavior, and there was no longer any reason to remain silent. I filed a complaint with the Norwegian Center Against Racism for Foreigners in Norway, and it garnered attention in many management circles. When his managers asked him about his actions, he simply said, 'I'm only human and make mistakes.' However, this man was in his 60s and not a child, teenager, or young man!

My colleagues had a different perspective on him. They told me that my presence made him feel confused, insecure, and undermined his self-confidence in his role as a boss because I had knowledge and capabilities. But even if that were true, his actions towards me fell under the purview of the fifth paragraph of the Harassment and Discrimination Act in Norwegian law.

Despite the difficulties, persistent harassment, and challenges I faced from my boss, it became a significant test of my ability to work and maintain my patience in an aggressive environment with someone who was supposed to be a boss but behaved aggressively and discriminately towards me. I achieved a great deal in a short period of time!

Victor Amle - Norwegian Museum of Cultural History - Maritime Museum, Norsk Folkemuseum - Norsk Maritimt Museum - Kon Tiki museum, Eyvind Bagle, Tove Wefald Pedersen, Olav Skrøver Aaraas

The boss wouldn't admit what I did if I hadn't told him I would leave the place!


"With great energy and considerable courage, Victor has been actively engaged in, and has even taken a leadership role in several projects related to exhibitions and education during his tenure at the NMM:

He initiated a renewed focus on the conservation of the museum's art collection, leading to a project led by the Department of Conservation at the Folk Museum.

He designed and managed the installation of the temporary exhibition titled 'The Taste of the 1700s,' including the design of a poster.

Victor played a key role in dismantling the temporary exhibition 'Ocean Hope.'

He created a booklet for children in connection with the exhibition 'At Sea!'

Victor assisted in the maintenance of the exhibition 'No One Shall Drown.'

He undertook various tasks in the Boat Hall in preparation for a new exhibition scheduled to open in 2019.

Victor consistently attended all meetings in the Department of Exhibitions at the Norwegian Maritime Museum and willingly took on both small and significant tasks with remarkable energy. Throughout his time with us, Victor has demonstrated exceptional competence and enthusiasm, making him a valuable and dedicated member of our team."

Norwegian law contains many regulations that strictly forbid, prohibit and criminalize harassment and discrimination.

This is one of the provisions of the law that was breached with me.

Many of its clauses and provisions have been violated with me which is punishable by law under the penal code in Norway.

§ 5. Prohibition of harassment

Harassment on grounds as mentioned in § 4 first paragraph is prohibited. By harassment is meant acts, omissions, or statements that act or are intended to be offensive, intimidating, hostile, degrading, or humiliating.

It is prohibited to contribute to a violation of the provision in the first paragraph.

The employer and the management of organizations or educational institutions shall, within their area of responsibility, prevent and seek to prevent harassment in violation of the first paragraph.

§ 6. Prohibition of instructions

It is forbidden 1 to give instructions to discriminate or harass on the basis as mentioned in § 4 first paragraph 2 It is also forbidden to give instructions on retaliation in violation of § 9.

It is prohibited 1 to contribute to a violation of the provision in the first paragraph.

0 Amended by Act no. 28 of 20 May 2005 (ISK from the time stipulated by Act) as amended by Act no. 74 of 19 June 2009.

1 See §§ 14 and 15.

2 Sml. Act of 9 June 1978 no. 45 § 3 (6) and aml. § 13-1 No. 2.

§ 5.Forbud mot trakassering​1

Trakassering på grunnlag som nevnt i § 4 første ledd er forbudt.​2 Med trakassering menes handlinger, unnlatelser eller ytringer som virker eller har til formål å virke krenkende, skremmende, fiendtlig, nedverdigende eller ydmykende.​2

Det er forbudt​3 å medvirke til brudd på bestemmelsen i første ledd.

Arbeidsgiver og ledelsen i organisasjoner eller utdanningsinstitusjoner skal innenfor sitt ansvarsområde forebygge og søke å hindre at det skjer trakassering i strid med første ledd.

0Endres ved lov 20 mai 2005 nr. 28 (ikr. fra den tid som fastsettes ved lov) som endret ved lov 19 juni 2009 nr. 74.1Sml. lov 20 juni 2008 nr. 42 § 6.2Jf. strl. 1902 § 135 a, strl. 2005 § 185 (ikke ikr.).3Se §§ 14 og 15.

§ 6.Forbud mot instruks

Det er forbudt​1 å gi instruks om å diskriminere eller trakassere på grunnlag som nevnt i § 4 første ledd.​2 Det er også forbudt å gi instruks om gjengjeldelse i strid med § 9.

Det er forbudt​1 å medvirke til brudd på bestemmelsen i første ledd.

0Endres ved lov 20 mai 2005 nr. 28 (ikr. fra den tid som fastsettes ved lov) som endret ved lov 19 juni 2009 nr. 74.1Se §§ 14 og 15.2Sml. lov 9 juni 1978 nr. 45 § 3 (6) og aml. § 13-1 nr. 2.

When I opened the work harassment page in Norwegian law with its many ramifications, I found that many of them had already been breached with me. This was documented with my managers in other departments at the time when I complained after enduring a torment that lasted for more than five months.

These challenges, difficulties, and injustices can help you gain experience, wisdom, and sophistication in your career, when you be in a difficult and unfair situation with your boss and the management of your workplace.

You have to take action to address the discrimination and harassment you experiencing. No one should have to endure such treatment in the workplace, and it's important to hold those responsible accountable for their actions, which it does not happen in that place.

You must be able to maintain your professionalism and continue to work diligently despite the challenges you facing. This is a testament to your strength and resilience. then try to find a more supportive and positive work environment after leaving your toxic job and environment you in.

"That boss has been demoted to just another cog in the machine; he's now merely an ordinary employee."

Sometimes "As the size of your talent increases, so does the conflicts surrounding it due to the cultural creativity gap between you and those who lack it."


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