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  • Victor Amlé

Unique puzzle!

At the beginning of the third millennium BC, in the time of the clay tablets in Mesopotamia, she is classified as Inanna or Ishtar, the god sacred to love, beauty and fertility.

She was the most revered, caring, and listed deity in mythology, while the Romans called her Venus or the goddess Aphrodite as she was called by the Greeks, as she was born in the sea and came to the shores of Cyprus in the form of a pearl in a conch.

That divine creature jewel, in front of whom all the science of aesthetics disintegrates and vanishes with all its qualities and meanings.

Victor Amle

She was the first gift given by God, from a Creator to a creature! From a great Lord to his servant...

The unique puzzle, that delicate and sensitive enchanting entity. He created in her a complex mechanism and a complex core of feelings, beauty, love, femininity, motherhood, kindness, innocence, childhood, fun, sadness and sacrifice that lives on the warmth of her rays, voice and light of the world and lives through it without realising she is another sun.

Every word, every characteristic in which a woman is distinguished, if you think about her and meditate on her secrets, can take you to worlds of magic, confusion and questioning... in which you will find endless secrets of God's creation! I can write books about her and it never ends.

That magical night symphony she's my inspiration.


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