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I'm Victor, and I live in Norway. I'm an artist on a journey of creative exploration and innovation. I'm continuously working to breathe life into unique and captivating ideas

Transcendent Artistry


Within the realm of art and design, I am an architect of emotions, a master of color, and a storyteller through visuals. My expertise in color theory, concept development, trend analysis, and material selection allows me to craft experiences that transcend the ordinary.

A Way of Life

Art and design aren't just my professions; they are my way of life. They require a deep well of mindfulness and awareness, fueling my quest for self-expression and creative evolution. Over the years, I've honed my skills while collaborating with esteemed government institutions, pushing the boundaries of art forms.

Endless Inspiration


My art exists as a reflection of the world that surrounds me, drawing inspiration from the exhilaration of taking risks to the serenity of embarking on new adventures. These experiences infuse my work with vitality, depth, and profound meaning.

Mesopotamian Heritage


I hail from the oldest and richest civilization in the world, the cradle of human history – Mesopotamia. It's the land of golden domes, enchanting legends, the realm of One Thousand and One Nights, the birthplace of the first letter written in history, the cuneiform letter. Mesopotamia is where the first obelisk in history and the first law code in history were created, the code of Hammurabi, the land where the goddess of love and beauty, Ishtar, graced life.


From these captivating roots and charming climates, my multifaceted talent is born, characterized by bold lines and vibrant, intense colors. Steady lines and the power of dynamic brush strokes further amplify its aesthetic value.

Victor Amle

Educational Journey


I hold a diploma in Fine Arts and a bachelor's degree from the University of Baghdad, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, alongside general recognition from Norway. My journey extends beyond academia, encompassing invaluable experience within governmental institutions, museums, fashion, and arts management.



  • Drawing and Design (Primary Focus): Proficient in traditional and digital drawing techniques, with a strong emphasis on design principles.

  • Digital Drawing: Experienced in creating digital artworks using industry-standard software and hardware.

  • Adobe Creative Suite: Proficient in leveraging Adobe's creative tools, including Photoshop and Illustrator, to breathe life into creative visions.

  • Costume Design: Skilled in the art of costume design, with a keen eye for aesthetics, materials, and historical accuracy.

  • Sculpture: Proficient in sculpting, both as an art form and for practical applications, bringing three-dimensional creativity to life.

  • Photography: Adept at capturing visually stunning images, with a strong understanding of composition, lighting, and post-processing techniques.

  • Graphic Design: Experienced in creating compelling visual materials for various mediums, including print and digital platforms.


Professional Experience and Exhibitions


My artistic journey has traversed a diverse range of creative landscapes through different artistic realms, from the prestigious corridors of renowned institutions to the forefront of custom design and museology exhibition curation. Here are some of the significant milestones along my artistic path:

  • The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History/ Norwegian Maritime Museum - Exhibitions -The dual responsibilities - Norway.

  • The Kon-Tiki Museum - Exhibitions - The dual responsibilities - Norway.                                  

  • Iraqi House of fashion/ senior designer - Chief craftsman - Mesopotamia.

  • Department of Cultural Relations - Graphic design - Mesopotamia.

  • Children's Culture House - Painter.

  • Ministry of Culture and Information - designer - painter - Mesopotamia.

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