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  • Victor Amlé


It is a wonderful world of creativity and achievement, it is the creation of emotion, spirit and mind.

It is a stressful journey. Filled with torment, loneliness, intense sadness, challenge, struggle and sacrifices when it ends in closed roads for societies that sometimes are ignorant, don't know its essence or its value…

Hard work, frustration, disappointments, a sense of loss and a war of sensation, self-flagellation and defeat and the courage to rise and continue to pursue that passion... that constant war of feelings on a daily basis… That fairy tale journey, melting you down to make you a different person, someone who does not belong to the politics of the herd and the sheep. It is torment in itself, it is alienation and isolation sometimes even with yourself.

It is a little magical spark of madness, igniting love in your soul, making you self-sufficient and spiritual, not affiliated with the material world.

A society without art, is a society with no value or identification.

 Victor Amle Norway


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